What is FRP?
  Main Materials
  Mechanical properties
of FRP
  Table of Corrosion Resistance &
Heat Resistance for Corrosion-resisted FRP
  Formation Method
Main Formation Method
Laminating Structure
1. Resin

1) Unsaturated Polyester Resin

Good Point Short cure time, high production
chief price
good chemical resistance
a variety of formation
free coloring

Kind General Resin Orthophthalic Acid
Medium Corrosion Resistance Resin Isophthalic Acid
High Corrosion Resistance Resin
Vinyl Ester

2)Epoxy Resin

3)Vinyl Ester Resin(Epoxy Acrylate)

2. Catalyst & Accelerator

Chemicals to assist hardening of resin. Use as to kinds of resin

[ Catalyst ]
M. E. K. Po.
(Methyl Ethyl
Ketone Peroxide)
use with Cobalt Octoate
cure at normal
B. P. O.
(Benzoyl Peroxide)
cure at added
80℃ ~ 130℃

[ Accelerator ]
Cobalt Octoate Use with MEKPO
cure at normal
D. M. A.
Common usage

3. Gel Coat

A FRP formation method that mold surface is made of only resin first and then fiberglass is laminated contributes a beautiful finishing and a low temperature variation. This resin layer is called 'Gel coat'.

'Colored gel coat' leads no painting and neat finishings, so it's used generally.

But gel coat layer does hardly have strength. Too thin FRP product under 1mm thickness like RC helicopter's body has high weight ratio of gel coat, so a light and strong body rarely ever use gel coat to less weight. When glassfiber is laminated directly on mold without gel coat, bubble is created easily on surface. Also painting may be hard because of fiberglass's shreds by sanding.

4. Reinforcement(Fiberglass)

Fiberglass is usually used as reinforcement. For better absorption of resin, the surface of fiber is pretreated. The fiberglass is selected as to the use of products

Glass Weight/㎡ (g)

Weight Kg
Width cm
Length m
Chopped Strand Mat 300 30 104 96
380 30 104 76
450 30 104 64
600 30 104 48
Roving Cloth 570 29 ~ 30 100 50
860 43 ~ 44 100 50
Yarn Cloth 230 23 100 100
Surface Mat 30 9 104 300
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