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Since 1978, Hwa-Sin F.R.P Inc,. has been researching, developing, and manufacturing. F.R.P which is developing lively as new material in Material Engineering, is used from interior to high technology.

For chemical industry, high-tech filament winding machine installed at the factory in Paju Gyeonggi-do, produces tanks, pipes, ducts to use both helical and hoop at the same time. The tanks of size 4,000ψ-10,000ψ can be manufactured and installed with movable F/W machine at any place.

Leisure boats of new models are also developed and produced, and are compared to qualities at the Yeouido Boat which Hwa-Sin operates.
Hwa-Sin fulfills new requirements at common industry, chemical industry and leisure, and makes efforts to improve quality and to train employees for standardization and mechanization of all.

President Park, Heung-Sik
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#1023 Jinmi Building, 13 bunji, Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Korea 150-870

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