What is FRP?
  Main Materials
  Mechanical properties
of FRP
  Table of Corrosion Resistance &
Heat Resistance for Corrosion-resisted FRP
  Formation Method
Main Formation Method
Laminating Structure

Fiber Glass Reinforced Plastic
is the composite material manufactured by laminating unsaturated polyester resin with fiber glass, main stiffener. It is used at all industry such as petrochemistry, construction, leisure, vehicles, and environment business because of its heat-resistance and corrosion resistance.
  specific gravity is 1/5 of iron(easy to carry and handle)
Heat protection
  the thermal conductivity is 1/180 of iron.
(don't need thermal insulation)
  Can shape big or complex facilities.
Corrosion Resistance
  use different characteristic resin for corrosion resistance
against acid, alkali, salt and a solvent
Heat Resistance
  It doesn't become soft and deformed in high temperature
It isn't broken or doesn't show cracks in low temperature.
(good for high or low temperature equipment)
  nonchangeable surface color(good for electricity products)
Outpouring of ion
  not to gush out metal ion(nonchangeable quality)
  half-transparence(visible without level gauge)
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